Home-Delivered & Congregate Meals

Seniors surviving on a substandard diet are at a higher risk of having complications with their health. That is why SEACUS serves home-delivered meals in both Graham and Greenlee Counties. Free meals are available depending on funding, but private pay is always an option. The benefit of this program is not only the quality of the meals prepared, but also daily human contact. There is an inherent benefit in having someone who is able to check in on, and make sure our members are ok. If they have fallen during the night, or something else has happened, the agency is made of aware of the concern. SEACUS in turn contacts the Sheriff’s department to do a well check on the individual.


Nutrition is very important to the health and well being of seniors, but social interaction is also very important. Studies show that seniors who eat alone take in less nourishment than those who eat in a social setting. SEACUS serves meals at several sites in a congregate setting. These meals offer seniors an opportunity to eat healthy well-balanced meals, and interact socially with others.